Carbon fibre components are becoming more and more accessible to all levels of sailing. Modern manufacturing methods and better design ensure that this material is no longer solely for high budget, top racing sailing, but also for normal sailors. The use of carbon fibre for the manufacture of masts and marine components provides the opportunity for five appreciable advantages over aluminum: Less Weight; Dynamics; Aerodynamics, Stiffness variation, Charm.

The best manufacturing method for carbon tube is to have most of the fibres hand layed-up and oriented at zero degrees to the spar. They will be cured at high pressures with an accurate control over the amount of resin through the use of prepreg resin systems. Less expensive manufacturing methods like filament winding are unable to lay enough fibres at zero degrees and may have more variation on resin content. IMAC currently produces:
  • Carbon masts:
    IMAC is now specialized in production of high performance carbon fibre masts for small/medium cruising boats. Moreover, developed with the Italian engineer Enrico Pellegrini the innovative three pieces Contender class mast. The excellent knowledge in material performances and transformation process allows the production of high mechanical performance products linked to good resistance and reliability.
  • Carbon booms
    IMAC now can offer to the sailboat owners a range of carbon booms. Our carbon booms are cost effective and can replace aluminum ones without the needs of any particular fitting and even allow to choose any favorite painting.
  • Spinnaker poles
  • Bowsprits
  • Wessel pipes:
    The IMAC Wessel pipes are type-approval tested at up to 140 bar. Preliminary FEM calculations made it possible to optimize the layering and water-tightness under pressure. The Wessel pipes feature: water-tight pipes with mirror surfaces inside ,salt corrosion resistance, charm external surfaces; extremely small moulding and machining tolerance

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